Who We Are

Syndication Bureau is an opinion and analysis article syndication service that focuses exclusively on the Middle East. Syndication Bureau provides its subscriber newspapers and news websites with timely articles on the region seen through the perspective of analysts and high-level decision makers either based in the region or who have deep expertise in and engagement with this part of the world.

Syndication Bureau is of and from the region. In addition, its articles are commissioned and edited by staff members who have a minimum of a decade’s experience in the region. Syndication Bureau’s editors have previously worked on international newswires and newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal. Together, its editors bring to their work a local understanding of regional developments and the highest level of editing quality.

Syndication Bureau seeks to produce articles that are highly relevant to Middle East readers, or in the case of readers of diaspora newspapers and news websites, articles about their home region that they are unlikely to see in their local media. In the process, Syndication Bureau’s service allows its subscriber newspapers and news websites to contribute to both a wider and deeper understanding of the region that is independent of the narrative of legacy news and commentary sources.

The reference language for Syndication Bureau is English – because this is the default language of the analysis and think-tank community. However, Syndication Bureau also provides high-quality Arabic translations of all its articles. Syndication Bureau allows its materials to be translated into other languages by its subscribers, who should use the English version of articles as their reference text.

For further information, email us at contact@syndicationbureau.com or call +971-2-449-5222 (office hours in Abu Dhabi are Gulf Standard Time 9 am to 5 pm, where GST is GMT+4; open Sunday through Thursday, except public holidays).

How to Write for Us

If you plan to write for Syndication Bureau, here are our guidelines.

Opinion articles, or op-eds, should be 800 to 900 words in length. Please keep the subject topical. Next, let the reader know quickly what you are arguing for or against, or the main point of your analysis. To do so, provide high up in your piece what editors call a “nut graf” – which is pretty much what it sounds like, a paragraph that summarizes the article.

Also, please note that we keep to newswire norms in using American spelling. We also use AP style, with some amendments and additions to suit the region we operate in. Our editors will take care of this, but you might find it helpful to understand why sometimes we change your text.

Finally, some housekeeping. We need from you a headshot photo in color. You can choose a frontal shot, or one where you are slightly turned in profile. Next, we need a brief bio that can go at the bottom of your column. This should be about 30 words long. Also, give us a longer bio that we can provide our subscribers – so they better know who you are and your expertise. This can be up to 300 words in length.

Lastly, we need you to return to us a signed release form and a payment agreement. On the latter, we need your bank details so we can arrange payments by wire transfer. That form will also include the current agreed rates we will pay you.

If you have any questions, please contact Tion Kwa at  tkwa@syndicationbureau.com

Otherwise, you can reach Syndication Bureau at contact@syndicationbureau.com or by calling +971 2 449 5222 (office hours in Abu Dhabi are Gulf Standard Time 9 am to 5 pm, where GST is GMT+4; open Sunday through Thursday, except public holidays).

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