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Alexandra de Cramer

Alexandra de Cramer is a journalist based in Istanbul. She reported on the Arab Spring from Beirut as a Middle East correspondent for Milliyet newspaper. Her work ranges from current affairs to culture and has been featured in Monocle, Courier Magazine, Maison Francaise and Istanbul Art News.

Articles By Alexandra de Cramer

A Tragedy for Ukraine, a Housing Crisis for Turkey By Alexandra de Cramer - May 9, 2022

With a staggering increase in rents and home prices skyrocketing amid a surge of overseas buyers – particularly those fleeing the war in Ukraine – Turkey is on the verge of an affordable housing crisis. Unless government controls are instituted, the social, political, and economic implications for the country will be profound. Data shows that the supply chain for Turkish property … Continue reading “A Tragedy for Ukraine, a Housing Crisis for Turkey”

A Turkish Layover for Russia’s Brain Drain By Alexandra de Cramer - Apr 22, 2022

Turkey has become a popular pit stop for young Russians hoping to escape their government since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Not only are the oligarchs docking their yachts on Turkey’s coasts, but an army of young people are also making their way to Turkish shores. With most flights from Russia to Europe canceled, Istanbul International Airport has become the … Continue reading “A Turkish Layover for Russia’s Brain Drain”

Turkey’s Era of Cultural Desiccation By Alexandra de Cramer - Apr 4, 2022

For two decades, Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has sat atop Ankara’s political hierarchy, setting priorities from increasing civilian oversight of the military to expanding access to healthcare and housing. But one area where AKP has failed to deliver is in the arts. While party chair and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims that “a nation … Continue reading “Turkey’s Era of Cultural Desiccation”

The Russia-Ukraine War is Threatening Turkey’s Economy By Alexandra de Cramer - Mar 18, 2022

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grinds on, its impacts are already being felt far beyond Ukraine’s borders. In Turkey, the war has cast a shadow over President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s economic ambitions, which include reining in soaring interest rates, boosting exports, spurring growth, and creating jobs. Turkey’s ties with Russia and Ukraine have long benefited the Turkish economy, but now, they have become liabilities. Once viewed … Continue reading “The Russia-Ukraine War is Threatening Turkey’s Economy”

Turkey’s Female Journalists are Under Attack from the State By Alexandra de Cramer - Feb 24, 2022

Journalism is in peril in Turkey, a country that is becoming known more for its jailed journalists than the quality of their reporting. Increasingly, though, it is Turkey’s female journalists, once the frontline defenders of Turkish media freedom, who are in the crosshairs. From institutional bias to the =government’s repressive gender policies, being a woman in the Turkish news … Continue reading “Turkey’s Female Journalists are Under Attack from the State”