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Burcu Ozcelik

Burcu Ozcelik is a research fellow at the University of Cambridge. She received her PhD from Cambridge's Department of Politics and International Studies, where she was subsequently a teaching fellow in Conflict, Peacebuilding and the Politics of the Middle East (2015-2017). Her current book project examines women’s right-wing political activism, political Islam and the gendered response to the rise of populist religious nationalism across many parts of the world.

Articles By Burcu Ozcelik

For Activists in Turkey, the Headscarf Is a Women’s Rights Issue By Burcu Ozcelik - Mar 16, 2021

Turkey has a long history of pigeonholing women. Women who chose to cover their heads were labelled “backward” and uneducated while those who went uncovered represented the modern ideal of a woman bravely rejecting religious conservatism. The headscarf symbolized the battle between the forces of modernity and arch-conservatism. But for a new generation of women, … Continue reading “For Activists in Turkey, the Headscarf Is a Women’s Rights Issue”

Gen-Z at the Heart of a Battle of Ideas in the Middle East By Burcu Ozcelik - Feb 28, 2021

A student-run art exhibition resulted in arrests last month at Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University, which was also the site of separate protests against a government-appointed head. Students were detained for inciting hatred and insulting religious values for a poster depicting Islam’s most sacred site alongside LGBT+ flags. Many, including practising Muslims, defended the art as a … Continue reading “Gen-Z at the Heart of a Battle of Ideas in the Middle East”

Turkey’s Armed Drones Alter Ankara’s Strategic Calculations By Burcu Ozcelik - Jan 19, 2021

Turkey long has been preoccupied with blending coercive force with soft power in its foreign-policy design. The idea was that this would furnish a range of options in conflict engagement, de-escalation or conflict management in a volatile neighborhood. Following the US embargo after Ankara’s 1975 invasion of Cyprus that led to the island splitting into … Continue reading “Turkey’s Armed Drones Alter Ankara’s Strategic Calculations”