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Christian Le Miere

Christian Le Miere is founder of Arcipel, a strategic advisory firm based in London and The Hague, which helps organizations understand and adapt to unpredictability. Prior to forming Arcipel, Le Miere worked as a senior advisor to an Abu Dhabi entity providing research, analysis and assessment on a variety of subjects. He also previously worked as a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, delivering military and security analysis and producing the publication, The Military Balance. He has edited a number of publications for Jane’s Information Group, including Jane’s Intelligence Review and Jane’s Intelligence Weekly. @c_lemiere

Articles By Christian Le Miere

It’s Time the US Ended its ‘Qualitative Military Edge’ Policy in the Middle East By Christian Le Miere - Sep 13, 2020

It has been a momentous few weeks in the Middle East. The announcement of a deal to normalize relations first between Israel and the UAE and now Bahrain – note: it’s not a “peace deal”; neither of the two Arab countries was at war with Israel – has dramatically transformed the region’s geostrategic balance. It … Continue reading “It’s Time the US Ended its ‘Qualitative Military Edge’ Policy in the Middle East”

Middle East Countries Should Beware of Chinese Debt By Christian Le Miere - Jul 12, 2020

Lebanon’s economic crisis is deepening. Its currency is plummeting in value and hyperinflation is setting in. The situation is dire for the population and government, with emergency funding being sought from the IMF. But the IMF is not the only lender some Lebanese are looking toward. The militant group Hezbollah, which holds a position in … Continue reading “Middle East Countries Should Beware of Chinese Debt”

Investment Power Is Shifting East to the Gulf and Asia By Christian Le Miere - May 25, 2020

The coronavirus crisis has sent asset prices plunging and cash-strapped companies are desperate for any capital injection – all of which makes this a very good moment for sovereign wealth funds and large-scale investors to go shopping for bargains. As well as showing sound acumen, the current financial environment also hints at the shifts in … Continue reading “Investment Power Is Shifting East to the Gulf and Asia”