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Hasan Alhasan

Hasan Alhasan is a PhD researcher at the India Institute at King’s College London and the National University of Singapore. His research focuses on contemporary Indian foreign policy in the Middle East. Previously, he served as a senior analyst at the office of the first deputy prime minister of Bahrain. He has a BA in political science and a dual MA in finance and international political economy from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics, respectively. He is a recipient of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship in Bahrain.

Alhasan has written extensively on political, economic and foreign-policy issues in the Middle East. His writings have appeared in the Guardian, La Tribune, Gulf News, openDemocracy and elsewhere. He has also written for Chatham House, the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security, the Oxford University Politics Blog and Nottingham University’s Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies Dialogue. Academically, he has published articles in several peer-reviewed journals and edited several books, including on the topic of Sunni political movements, the politics of labor-market reform and migration.

He can be contacted on Twitter @HTAlhasan.

Articles By Hasan Alhasan

Iran Seeks to Demonstrate It Can Disrupt Export of Oil and Gas from Arab Gulf States By Hasan Alhasan - May 22, 2019

Many observers have interpreted recent attacks on UAE and Saudi shipping and oil facilities as a result of yet another round of escalation in the US-Iran conflict, losing sight of the underlining message behind Iran’s orchestrated action. The attacks have specifically targeted Saudi and UAE facilities that bypass the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway … Continue reading “Iran Seeks to Demonstrate It Can Disrupt Export of Oil and Gas from Arab Gulf States”

Defense Priorities Boost Gulf States’ Space Program By Hasan Alhasan - Apr 18, 2019

Space technology is emerging as a cornerstone of modernization strategies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both in terms of economic development and national prestige. In a region plagued by conflict, however, both space programs also serve clear military and security purposes, including countering Iran’s advances in space technology. The UAE, which has invested $6 … Continue reading “Defense Priorities Boost Gulf States’ Space Program”

Crown Prince’s Trip Sets Saudi Arabia to Be a Key Player in India and Pakistan By Hasan Alhasan - Feb 25, 2019

The visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Pakistan and India represents a new chapter in relations between Saudi Arabia and its two South Asian neighbors. With its tens of billions of dollars of potential investments, Saudi Arabia could position itself as a key player in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and … Continue reading “Crown Prince’s Trip Sets Saudi Arabia to Be a Key Player in India and Pakistan”

Can India Weather the Middle East Strategic Alliance? By Hasan Alhasan - Jan 29, 2019

New Delhi may never have felt more vindicated in its Middle East policy than it does today. Its close ties with all the major powers in the Middle East, including Israel, Iran and the Gulf monarchies, have shielded its interests from the region’s geopolitical fluctuations. Yet, going forward, the region’s increasing polarization, of which the … Continue reading “Can India Weather the Middle East Strategic Alliance?”