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Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Hussain Abdul-Hussain is the Washington bureau chief of Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai and a former visiting fellow at Chatham House in London. Previously, he helped launch and manage the Iraqi stream of the Arabic TV network Alhurra. Before relocating to Washington, Abdul-Hussain worked as a reporter, and later as managing editor, for Lebanon’s The Daily Star. He has reported from conflict zones on the border between Lebanon and Israel, and from Baghdad shortly after the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime. Abdul-Hussain has also contributed articles to US newspapers, including The New York Times and the Washington Post, and appeared on American TV news networks such as CNN and MSNBC. In addition, he is a frequent commentator on Arabic satellite TV networks.

Articles By Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Iran Puts Pressure on the Druze of Lebanon By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Jul 8, 2019

On June 30, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, a Christian, set out on a tour of predominantly Druze communities in Mount Lebanon, escorted by Saleh Al-Gharib, minister of state for refugee affairs and a Druze. The history between Druze and Christians in Mount Lebanon is brutal. During the 1975-1990 civil war in Lebanon, the area saw vicious fighting, in which the … Continue reading “Iran Puts Pressure on the Druze of Lebanon”

Tehran Wants Iranian-Americans to Feel Alienated and US Democrats are Helping By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Jun 23, 2019

The Iranian regime has stumbled on a treasure trove: Iranian-Americans. Estimates of their numbers vary, but at least half a million Americans of Iranian origin live in the US. And while many of those are outspoken opponents of the Islamic Republic, many others have been either neutral in their views or oblivious to politics – … Continue reading “Tehran Wants Iranian-Americans to Feel Alienated and US Democrats are Helping”

Forty Years of US Policy Failure on Iran By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Feb 26, 2019

When President Donald Trump trolled Iran by Tweeting “40 years of failure,” his Tweet could cut both ways: Forty years of the Islamic regime have squandered precious Iranian time and resources. Those 40 years have also witnessed American failure in deterring, let alone rolling back, an increasingly belligerent Iran. A conference held in Warsaw earlier … Continue reading “Forty Years of US Policy Failure on Iran”

Fake News? Iran Has Been at It Longer Than Russia By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Jan 7, 2019

The past year has been notable for the attention “fake news” has received. In the Middle East, however, fake news is old news. And the master of this is not Russia, but Iran. Indeed, Iran’s mischief making in the region is not restricted to sponsoring foreign militias. It also includes funding, supporting or encouraging dozens … Continue reading “Fake News? Iran Has Been at It Longer Than Russia”