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Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Hussain Abdul-Hussain is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He focuses on the Gulf region and Yemen, including on Gulf relations with Iran and Israel. Born and raised in Beirut, Baghdad and Baalbek, Hussain earned a degree in history and archeology from the American University of Beirut, after which he worked as a reporter, and later managing editor, at Beirut’s The Daily Star. In Washington, Hussain helped set up and manage the Arabic satellite network Alhurra Iraq before heading the Washington bureau of Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai. Hussain has worked as a Visiting Fellow with London’s Chatham House, and has been published in The New York Times and The Washington Post and appeared on CNN and MSNBC and is a frequent commentator on major Arabic satellite networks.

Articles By Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Why Al Assad Prefers the Russia-Iran Status Quo in Syria By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Jun 3, 2018

When the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that “all foreign troops must leave Syria,” an editorial in an Iranian newspaper fired back saying that “according to Moscow, all foreign troops must leave Syria, except Russian forces.” For some time now, the Russian and Iranian media have been trading jabs, indicating that the gap between … Continue reading “Why Al Assad Prefers the Russia-Iran Status Quo in Syria”

As Lebanon Forms its New Government, Hezbollah Seeks to Strengthen its Influence By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - May 28, 2018

If we were to adapt Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity to the Lebanese elections, it would read like this: Insanity is electing the same politicians over and over again, but expecting different results. As dust from Lebanon’s parliamentary election settles, Michel Aoun is still president, Nabil Berri has been reelected to his sixth consecutive term … Continue reading “As Lebanon Forms its New Government, Hezbollah Seeks to Strengthen its Influence”