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Jonathan Gornall

Jonathan Gornall is an award-winning freelance British journalist, formerly with The Times, who has lived and worked in the Middle East and is now based in the UK. He specializes in health, a subject on which he writes for the British Medical Journal and the Daily Mail in the UK. He has also written on a wide range of topics for The National newspaper in the UAE, where he was on the staff from 2008 to 2012. A keen sailor and onetime ocean rower, his latest book, “How to Build a Boat,” published by Simon & Schuster, is an account of a year spent building a traditional wooden boat as an inspirational gift and life lesson for his young daughter.

Articles By Jonathan Gornall

Beware the NFT Bubble Built on Digital Sand By Jonathan Gornall - Apr 16, 2022

Here’s a sound piece of advice for anyone tempted to jump into the most extraordinarily speculative South Sea Bubble-style investment frenzy since, well, the 18th-century South Sea Company’s bubble burst, financially ruining thousands of investors in Georgian Britain. Don’t do it. Investing in so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is fine provided you’ve got unlimited funds and can laugh off spectacular … Continue reading “Beware the NFT Bubble Built on Digital Sand”

We Are All Willing Collaborators in the Death of Truth By Jonathan Gornall - Apr 8, 2022

In James Cameron’s curiously prophetic 1984 movie “The Terminator,” a cyborg assassin is sent back from the year 2029 by Skynet, an artificially intelligent military defense system that has grown smarter than its human inventors and taken over the world. The mission of the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is to kill 19-year-old waitress Sarah Connor … Continue reading “We Are All Willing Collaborators in the Death of Truth”

Shackleton’s Ship Endures, Just Like the Fiction of His Greatness By Jonathan Gornall - Mar 24, 2022

“Shackleton” is one of those names that is guaranteed to stir the blood of a certain type of Briton. In company with stablemates such as Churchill, Nelson, Scott, and Lawrence, the surname evokes an association with a supposedly glorious past that somehow stiffens the sinews. The sound of those sinews twanging tight was audible across … Continue reading “Shackleton’s Ship Endures, Just Like the Fiction of His Greatness”

Parents Should Use Facts, Not Fear When Deciding to Vaccinate Children By Jonathan Gornall - Mar 3, 2022

In a paper published in November in the medical journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, leading experts in pediatrics, immunology and infectious diseases posed a question that is currently haunting parents everywhere. “Should children be vaccinated against COVID-19?” It’s a tough question and, as the experts bleakly conclude, there is no easy answer. There is still “no consensus on whether all … Continue reading “Parents Should Use Facts, Not Fear When Deciding to Vaccinate Children”