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Joseph Dana

Joseph Dana is editor-in-chief of emerge85, a lab that explores change in emerging markets and its global impact. He was previously Monocle's Istanbul bureau chief, among other writing positions he has held in the Middle East. Dana's work has appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Nation and GQ. His reporting and analysis focus on the collision of culture, urbanism, economics and politics. Dana has an MA in European history and philosophy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Articles By Joseph Dana

Through ‘Covid Diplomacy’ in Iraq, China and Russia Hope to Build Greater Influence in the Middle East By Joseph Dana - Sep 23, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic starkly illustrates the state of health care in the Middle East, from the good to the truly wretched. The condition of local health systems has, in turn, offered opportunities to outside powers to boost their influence in the region. And no country in the Middle East offers better opportunity – in terms … Continue reading “Through ‘Covid Diplomacy’ in Iraq, China and Russia Hope to Build Greater Influence in the Middle East”

The UAE Should Be Cautious About Its New Friend, Israel By Joseph Dana - Sep 3, 2020

Many have welcomed the Israel-UAE peace deal as a sign of political realism in the Middle East. Through their close partnership with the United States, a shared distrust of Iran and their expanding technology sectors, the two countries are natural partners on many levels. The only problem – a significant one – is the reliability … Continue reading “The UAE Should Be Cautious About Its New Friend, Israel”

South Africa’s Moment to Combat ISIS By Joseph Dana - Aug 27, 2020

The brazen attack at the heart of Mozambique’s natural gas projects by ISIS-linked militants this month demonstrates the need for regional intervention against terrorism. As southern Africa’s military and economic powerhouse, South Africa perhaps is the only country suited to lead such efforts and negotiate the complicated politics for a regional intervention against the militants. … Continue reading “South Africa’s Moment to Combat ISIS”

After the Pandemic: The ‘Developing’ World Takes the Lead By Joseph Dana - Aug 16, 2020

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world, changes were already afoot in the global economy. Let’s start with the facts. More than 85 percent of the world’s population lives outside North America and Europe. When you add in the spread of connective technology and rapid urbanization in this “85 world,” it becomes clear that … Continue reading “After the Pandemic: The ‘Developing’ World Takes the Lead”

Momentum Builds for Israel’s Elite to Reject Two-State Solution By Joseph Dana - Jul 26, 2020

Israel’s influential liberal elite long have argued passionately for a two-state solution to the conflict with Palestinians. But that is changing. Faced with an existential challenge to their understanding of Israel, the gatekeepers of liberal Zionism are beginning to see the writing on the wall. In two new articles, the influential writer, Peter Beinart, rejects the … Continue reading “Momentum Builds for Israel’s Elite to Reject Two-State Solution”