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Joseph Dana

Joseph Dana is editor-in-chief of emerge85, a lab that explores change in emerging markets and its global impact. He was previously Monocle's Istanbul bureau chief, among other writing positions he has held in the Middle East. Dana's work has appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Nation and GQ. His reporting and analysis focus on the collision of culture, urbanism, economics and politics. Dana has an MA in European history and philosophy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Articles By Joseph Dana

The Long-Term Strategy of Gulf Sovereign Wealth Funds By Joseph Dana - Apr 22, 2020

The world’s largest sovereign wealth funds are sensing the moment is ripe for bargain-hunting. The Covid-19 pandemic has produced perfect conditions for cash-rich funds, such as Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala, to scoop up a wide variety of assets. With billions of dollars from the sale of hydrocarbons under their … Continue reading “The Long-Term Strategy of Gulf Sovereign Wealth Funds”

Will ‘Peak Oil’ Mean the Decline of Arabian Gulf Economies? By Joseph Dana - Mar 8, 2020

Since the 1970s, analysts have sounded the alarm over “peak oil.” This does not mean a depletion of hydrocarbon resources – in fact, discoveries of new reserves continue to be announced. Rather, it implies a time when oil and gas extraction levels begin to fall as demand declines – mostly because of the rise of … Continue reading “Will ‘Peak Oil’ Mean the Decline of Arabian Gulf Economies?”

The Occupation of Palestine and the Closing of the Israeli Mind By Joseph Dana - Feb 27, 2020

Israeli academia has a long and convoluted relationship with the country’s political challenges. Broadly speaking, the academy and academics have tried to steer clear of Israel’s conflicts, but with the rise of the global boycott movement, which targets academic institutions that collaborate with the Israeli military, this has become difficult. Now, academics drive the conversation … Continue reading “The Occupation of Palestine and the Closing of the Israeli Mind”