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Neil Hauer

Neil Hauer is a security analyst based in Tbilisi, Georgia. His work focuses on the Syrian conflict, particularly Russia’s role; politics and minorities in the South Caucasus; and violence and politics in the North Caucasus, particularly Chechnya and Ingushetia, where he conducts regular fieldwork. He previously served as senior intelligence analyst at The SecDev Group in Ottawa, Canada. He has consulted for the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on radicalization and security.

Articles By Neil Hauer

Northeast Syria Isn’t Big Enough for Russia and the US – And the Entry of an American Oil Company Doesn’t Help By Neil Hauer - Aug 25, 2020

Across most of Syria, the active zones of opposing outside powers are largely clear. In regime-held territory in the country’s center, west and south, Bashar Al Assad’s allies of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah predominate. The northwest is the remit of Turkey, where it operates in support of its local Syrian opposition proxies. The bubble around … Continue reading “Northeast Syria Isn’t Big Enough for Russia and the US – And the Entry of an American Oil Company Doesn’t Help”

Russia Is Not Ready for North Syria By Neil Hauer - Nov 28, 2019

If you listen to Russia’s official messaging on Syria, you would think Russia’s sole role in this eight-year conflict was as peacemaker. In between bombing hospitals and bakeries, the Kremlin trumpets that it merely responded to a request from Syria’s “legitimate sovereign government” for help in “defeating terrorism.” Terms such as “de-escalation zones’’ and “ceasefire … Continue reading “Russia Is Not Ready for North Syria”

Syria’s War Has Killed Truth By Neil Hauer - Nov 5, 2019

In war, so the saying goes, the first casualty is truth. The saying is particularly pertinent for observers of Syria. Since the earliest days of the conflict more than eight years ago, Syria’s protest movement-turned-civil war has been the setting for some of the most vehement denials of facts and manipulations of narrative ever seen. Every new development in the war has produced … Continue reading “Syria’s War Has Killed Truth”