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Nikola Mikovic

Nikola Mikovic is a political analyst in Serbia. His work focuses mostly on the foreign policies of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with special attention on energy and “pipeline politics.”

Articles By Nikola Mikovic

Russia Keeps Iran Waiting on Advanced Weapons By Nikola Mikovic - Jan 13, 2022

When Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visits Russia this month he is expected to seek a deal for the purchase of sophisticated weapons to counter potential Israeli airstrikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. However he may come away from his talks with Vladimir Putin somewhat disappointed. In the past, Moscow hesitated from strengthening military ties with Tehran … Continue reading “Russia Keeps Iran Waiting on Advanced Weapons”

When Israel Bombs Syria, Russia Turns a Blind Eye By Nikola Mikovic - Jan 6, 2022

Russia has deployed its most advanced S-400 air defense system to Syria, but the sophisticated weapon does not seem to work against Israeli jets. It is an open secret that Moscow, an ally of Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad, allows Israel to conduct air strikes against both the Syrian army and Iranian militias operating in the country. Russia’s supremacy over Syria’s airspace … Continue reading “When Israel Bombs Syria, Russia Turns a Blind Eye”

Russia Keeps Taliban Waiting as Afghanistan Crumbles By Nikola Mikovic - Dec 8, 2021

More than three months after US forces left Afghanistan, Russia started fighting for the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. The first batch of Russia’s humanitarian aid arrived in Afghanistan on November 19. But what the Taliban rulers also desperately need is financial backing and investment, and they are willing to offer Moscow whatever it requires in support of its geopolitical goals … Continue reading “Russia Keeps Taliban Waiting as Afghanistan Crumbles”