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Robin Mills

Robin Mills is founder of Qamar Energy, established to meet the need for regionally based Middle East energy insight. He is an expert on energy strategy and economics, and has been described by Foreign Policy magazine as “one of the energy world’s great minds.” Prior to this, Mills led major consulting assignments for the EU in Iraq. He also consulted for a variety of international oil companies on Middle East business development, integrated gas and power generation and renewable energy.

Mills worked for a decade at Shell, concentrating on new business development in the Middle East. He subsequently worked for six years with Dubai Holding and the Emirates National Oil Company, better known as Enoc, where he advanced business development efforts in the Middle East energy sector.

He is a fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, a senior fellow of the Iraq Energy Institute and previously a non-resident fellow for energy at the Brookings Institution. He is currently a columnist at The National and Bloomberg, and the author of “Sunrise in the Desert,” on solar energy in the Middle East, and “The Myth of the Oil Crisis” and “Capturing Carbon.”

Mills holds a first in geology from the University of Cambridge, and speaks Arabic, Farsi, Dutch and Norwegian.

Articles By Robin Mills

The Allure of Middle East Hydrogen By Robin Mills - Apr 14, 2022

The visit of German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck to the UAE on March 21 marked the start of a new partnership between two emerging heavyweights in the business of hydrogen. But more importantly, it underscored the role that this “future fuel” could play in curbing climate change and freeing countries from current geopolitical bottlenecks. Hydrogen offers three key attractions over traditional fossil fuels: It is versatile; it … Continue reading “The Allure of Middle East Hydrogen”

Ukraine at the Crossroads of a European Energy Crisis By Robin Mills - Feb 4, 2022

Ukraine, likely named after the Slavic word for “borderland,” has long been a crossroads for peoples, civilizations, trade – and military invasions. As Russia steps up its threats against the country once again, energy is the latest resource to become weaponized. Russia supplies about 40 percent of the European Union’s natural gas, and while Britain does not buy Russian gas directly, … Continue reading “Ukraine at the Crossroads of a European Energy Crisis”

Why Gulf Oil Producers Should Commit to Carbon Neutrality By Robin Mills - Jul 4, 2021

There are growing hints the UAE may announce a net-zero carbon emissions target ahead of the COP26 climate conference this November. Saudi Arabia also may agree to a carbon-neutral goal for around 2050, according to the US climate envoy, John Kerry. So, should Gulf oil producers truly commit to carbon neutrality, and if so how … Continue reading “Why Gulf Oil Producers Should Commit to Carbon Neutrality”

America Must Rise to China’s Challenge, But Not in the Manner Donald Trump Imagines By Robin Mills - May 24, 2020

Almost nothing is bipartisan in US politics today – except confronting China. Despite the very different styles and worldviews of Donald Trump and leading Democrats, Washington’s conventional wisdom has rapidly converged with on the threat of its superpower rival. This competition will play out in world trade, energy, maritime East Asia and, perhaps, the Gulf. … Continue reading “America Must Rise to China’s Challenge, But Not in the Manner Donald Trump Imagines”

How Will Oil Producers Fare in the New Price War? By Robin Mills - Mar 20, 2020

There are no winners from oil price wars. Surviving requires political strength more than economic strength; and then economic strength more than industry strength. Now OPEC, Russia and the US shale industry have embarked on this test of strength. How will they fare? Since the breakdown of the OPEC+ agreement with Russia, every oil producing … Continue reading “How Will Oil Producers Fare in the New Price War?”