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Robin Mills

Robin Mills is founder of Qamar Energy, established to meet the need for regionally based Middle East energy insight. He is an expert on energy strategy and economics, and has been described by Foreign Policy magazine as “one of the energy world’s great minds.” Prior to this, Mills led major consulting assignments for the EU in Iraq. He also consulted for a variety of international oil companies on Middle East business development, integrated gas and power generation and renewable energy.

Mills worked for a decade at Shell, concentrating on new business development in the Middle East. He subsequently worked for six years with Dubai Holding and the Emirates National Oil Company, better known as Enoc, where he advanced business development efforts in the Middle East energy sector.

He is a fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, a senior fellow of the Iraq Energy Institute and previously a non-resident fellow for energy at the Brookings Institution. He is currently a columnist at The National and Bloomberg, and the author of “Sunrise in the Desert,” on solar energy in the Middle East, and “The Myth of the Oil Crisis” and “Capturing Carbon.”

Mills holds a first in geology from the University of Cambridge, and speaks Arabic, Farsi, Dutch and Norwegian.

Articles By Robin Mills

How Will Oil Producing Countries and Companies Meet the Challenge of Climate Change? By Robin Mills - Dec 9, 2018

As an organization of the fossil-fuel industry, Opec, meets in Vienna, the United Nations’ COP24 climate talks are taking place nearby in Katowice, Poland. The coal-rich province of Silesia, where sits Katowice, was wrested from Austria by Frederick the Great of Prussia. Now, major oil producers must decide whether to fight the new energy transition … Continue reading “How Will Oil Producing Countries and Companies Meet the Challenge of Climate Change?”

To Understand Where Oil Prices Might Be Headed, a Little History Helps By Robin Mills - Oct 28, 2018

Oil markets are renowned for rapid swings. This year, a price that has been in the doldrums since late 2014 has turned around to regain four years of losses. Now, the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the US elections, US sanctions on Iran and the Sino-American trade war converge on November as the next crunch point. … Continue reading “To Understand Where Oil Prices Might Be Headed, a Little History Helps”

Opec in the Era of Trump-Putin By Robin Mills - Jul 29, 2018

American leaders have often sought to bully Opec. While previous presidents “jawboned” the oil exporters to bring down prices, Donald Trump tweets. Few, however, have done so from a position of strength. But now, the US’s own swelling production, and a conjunction of politics, means that whenever Washington speaks, Vienna listens. In the 1990s and … Continue reading “Opec in the Era of Trump-Putin”